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Lakeside couple greets delivery drivers with special treat

The McCoy's built a homemade snack station on patio for delivery drivers.
Posted at 4:13 PM, Nov 28, 2023

LAKESIDE, CA — Most people delivering packages this holiday season are not the ones getting anything at the door.

But one Lakeside couple is changing that this month with their "DIY Snack Station."

It's complete with potato chips, water bottles, Gatorade, candy canes and more for drivers to take before they get back on the road.

"My husband used to be a post office worker in rural Washington and where we lived, his office also delivered all the Amazon, so holiday seasons for us meant we didn’t see each other very much," said Desi McCoy, who came up with the idea.

The snack station also has a note, reading:

“Thank you to our amazing delivery drivers. We appreciate all your hard work and are thankful for all you do. Please take some goodies for the road. Merry Christmas.”
The McCoys

The McCoys have a Ring doorbell that has captured some reactions from drivers.

“Oh my baby Jesus. I could not be happier as a delivery driver right this second," said one driver as they dropped a package at the door, before taking a bag of chips on the way out.

McCoy shared the idea on social media, hoping other neighbors will join her in showing appreciation for delivery drivers over the next several weeks.

“Even something as simple as like a little thank you note taped on the door, or you know, maybe just leaving the candy canes I think recognizes their hard work and efforts," said McCouy.