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"Host a Hive" in San Diego and help save the bees

Posted at 6:24 PM, Jul 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-10 21:37:28-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - For months San Diego bee removal companies have been swarmed with calls to remove hives, but where is best to relocate them?

One Encinitas company has a solution, hooking up property owners who want bees with beekeepers.

"When your house gets invaded by bees, instead of spraying them with poison we take them out alive and chemical-free and find good homes for them," said James Mcdonald, founder of the Encinitas Bee Company.

Mcdonald will relocate hives to homes or businesses interested in hosting a hive; then a local beekeeper will tend to them.

"Hundreds of potential beekeepers living in apartments would love to keep bees, but they have no land," said Mcdonald.

The Host a Hive program is free for property owners, and they get to keep any honey produced.

Mcdonald said he shared a post on Nextdoor about the program and was flooded with messages from people wanting to host a hive. He currently has several bee hives at home that he'd like to relocate.

"I'm bursting at the seam and really need people and beekeepers that are willing to help me," said Mcdonald.

His ultimate goal is not only to save bees but make people environmentally conscious.

To learn more about hosting a hive contact Mcdonald at: (858) 750-5438.