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Frustration grows after another truck gets stuck in La Jolla

Posted at 5:44 PM, Jun 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-03 21:25:15-04

La Jolla residents are beyond frustrated after yet another truck got stuck on one of its busiest streets, a problem they thought the city fixed last week.

The latest incident happened Saturday, when a delivery truck got trapped trying to turn up steep Hillside Drive from busy Torrey Pines Road. The truck jutted out into Torrey Pines Road, blocking one lane.

"I am completely flabbergasted," La Jolla resident Diane Kane said. "Clearly whatever they did, it was not effective."

The city recently installed a cross gutter at the base of Hillside Drive, which residents say made the problem worse. On May 6, it took a second, more powerful tow truck to free a truck that had been lodged at the intersection for hours.

Residents complained to the city, which dispatched crews to smooth out the asphalt on Torrey Pines Road to make it more flush with the cross-gutter. However, that only helped make it easier for cars and light trucks to get up and down without bottoming out.

A city spokesman said warning signs telling large trucks to avoid the intersection would remain.

“City staff are in the process of assessing the intersection to see what additional remedies, if any, can be implemented to help with this problem," city spokesman Alec Phillipp said. "We continue to direct commercial trucks to abide by the signage in the area stating that trucks shall not be using this intersection.”

Kane said residents want the city to improve its signage and alert directional apps to instruct trucks to avoid the area.