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Family owned restaurants prepare to open under CA's new guidelines

Posted at 5:49 PM, May 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-12 20:56:27-04

SOLANA BEACH, Calif. (KGTV) -Small family-owned restaurants are still trying to digest California's newly released rules and recommendations for dine in service.

Tuesday afternoon Governor Gavin Newsom provided more details on what restaurants will look like once they are allowed to reopen.

The full list or guidelines can be found here, but they include disposable or digital menus, face coverings for employees, increased sanitation protocols, social distancing, and more outdoor seating.

Piero Tarantino has owned Parioli Italian Bistro on Highway 101 in Solana Beach for 23 years. Since the pandemic, he's often behind the grill in his parking lot, preparing take out and delivery orders.

"It's not really busy, but it's worth it for us to be here for one thing. We don't want to close the restaurant and then try to open all at once," said Tarantino.

The family is from Sicily. He's been monitoring the impact of the virus in his native country.

"I'm from Italy, so I'm really looking at what they're doing over there, but there's no full reopen, most restaurants kinda reorganizing, changing the format," said Tarantino.

He thinks the governor should give business owners a chance to operate sooner.

"If you can keep the distance to 6 feet, you know, we can always live a normal life, somewhat normal. We don't have to completely shut down every business cause at the end of this, a lot of small businesses are going to be wiped out by this," said Tarantino.

As the shut down drags on, the fear that his family-owned business could be one of them.

"The restaurant business, we survive on a weekly basis, If you lose one week of business you might be able to be forced out of business," said Tarantino.