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Families in flood-damaged Logan Heights brace for third storm in two weeks

Posted at 7:01 PM, Feb 05, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-05 22:01:20-05

Families in the Logan Heights neighborhood are still drying out their belongings from San Diego's record-breaking storm on Jan. 22. They're now bracing for their third storm in two weeks.

“We have to demo all the walls," said Jose Castillo, who works for 911 Restoration, a disaster restoration company.

Castillo was busy helping residents with mold and drywall repairs on Monday before the storm arrived.

A few doors down, Virgil Magistrale, helped his injured neighbor and friend who was still in the process of clearing out his flood-damaged home.

“Martin, who I’m here to help…his granddaughters have been displaced because they couldn’t stay here," said Magistrale.

Like many others in Logan Heights, Magistrale says the family is anxious about upcoming rainfall, not knowing how canal and drain infrastructure will hold up this time.

“Because you’re in this part of town, maybe we don’t get the attention that these people need because they’re no voice," he said.

Families here are bracing to be battered by another round of rain while hoping the emergency work the city performed on the canal across the street will be enough.

“They went to church on Sunday, and then they prayed.”