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Ex-El Cajon city councilman, pregnant wife ordered to serve jail time over missed court dates

Posted at 11:55 AM, Aug 24, 2023

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- A former El Cajon city councilman who resigned amid multiple scandals was ordered to report to jail alongside his pregnant wife over multiple missed court appearances.

Ben and Jessica Kalasho, who face accusations of fraud and defamation from a former beauty queen and a local restaurant, tried to push back their jail time for contempt of court until 2024 for multiple reasons, including Jessica Kalasho's pregnancy.

The Kalashos obtained a note from a nurse saying it was a high-risk pregnancy and it wasn’t in her best interest to travel.

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However, on Thursday morning, a judge decided that the couple’s excuse was invalid and denied their request.

"What sort of adds salt to the wound is the fact that it was represented to me that she could not travel because of a pregnancy, and I’m referring to Mrs. Kalasho, and then we find out at the very next hearing that she’s been to two weddings; now we found out she’s been to another celebration," the judge said.

All those celebrations the judge mentioned were supposedly in San Diego.

"What's worse is their belief or sense of belief that they are above the law," said attorney Lina Charry.

Charry brought the contempt case against the Kalashos.

She's also one of several people suing the couple for defamation.

Charry says the Kalashos spread lies on social media about her in retaliation for representing several businesses taking legal action against the couple.

"They attacked by profession. They attacked my career. They attacked my accomplishments, and they did so in a demeaning and offensive and disgusting fashion, Charry said.

In 2017, Team 10 reported the Kalashos were accused of fraud and defaming an El Cajon pageant winner by creating an Instagram account in which the beauty queen’s face was pasted onto the naked bodies of other women.

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The couple were also accused of defaming a local taco shop by creating a fake poll about its food.

Ben Kalasho resigned from the El Cajon City Council in March 2019.

A civil case went on for years, and during that time, the Kalashos moved to North Carolina.

Fast forward to 2023, the couple was found in contempt of court in May for missing multiple court dates. They were sentenced to eight days behind bars and were fined.

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The Kalashos were supposed to report to jail Aug. 18, but they filed a motion to push that date back.

Now, the Kalashos will have to report to jail and serve their time starting Sept. 1.