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El Cajon family on edge after man tries to break-in through toddler's bedroom

Posted at 5:44 PM, Dec 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-28 20:57:06-05

El Cajon (KGTV)- An El Cajon Family is on the edge after a man tried to break into their home through their toddler’s bedroom. The family lives off Chase Avenue.

Liz Jasiak says she noticed a handprint on her son’s bedroom window on Christmas Eve. When she went outside, there was a latex glove sitting behind the trash bins, near the window, in their backyard.

“You have this little person who is depending on you to take care of them and their safety,” says Jasiak. “So it's definitely a sense of violation.”

Surveillance video shows the man walking up to the home and lingering on the front porch moments after she leaves to take her son to daycare. The video then shows the man leaving but returns and disappears on the other side of the home.

“It’s kind of creepy to think that someone was watching my habits or my moves because the moment we left he immediately enters our yard, says Jasiak.”

The family says multiple screens to the windows of their home were cut around the same time the suspect tried to break in.

The family has reported the crime to the El Cajon Police Department. They say they will be adding extra security to their home.