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DEA raid leads to fentanyl seizure in Mission Valley condo complex

Posted at 2:43 PM, Apr 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-25 19:17:38-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - Mission Valley residents are concerned after seeing a red warning sign on their neighbor's door, reading "fentanyl activity used for the illegal manufacturing or storage of fentanyl," leading them to believe a drug dealer was busted in their condo complex.

The DEA told 10News members of its Narcotics Task Force executed the search warrant in the Presidio Place unit, arresting a woman and two men.

Agents said they seized fentanyl powder, counterfeit pills made with fentanyl and suspected methamphetamine. There was no fentanyl manufacturing on site, according to a DEA spokesperson. Due to the potential hazards of fentanyl powder, San Diego County Hazmat was called and responded to the scene, the DEA said.

The sign is dated for Thursday, April 18th. When 10News went to the condos, the red signs were removed, but the plywood remained over the door. Behind the plywood, you could hear the sound of fans.

Neighbor Rosa Gallego lived in the complex for 20 years and said it's very quiet, most of the residents are older, some retired. She said she splits her time between San Diego and in Mexicali. Last week she said she saw a bunch of law enforcement officers, "with a pistola (pistol) and a rifle, and I said, 'What neighbors are living here?"

She said she didn't know about the bust and said she no longer feels safe in the complex.

"If there's other neighbors that are doing drugs or whatever, it's not nice to be here," Gallego said.

Across the street, neighbors who almost moved into Presidio Place said they're concerned they never heard about the bust.

"It makes me very nervous," Kealia Gedayloo-Sudden said. "I mean there's a public park about 50 feet that way and we all take kids over there and when my friends come over we take their kids there."

"I mean, I understand why they would try to keep it a secret, not to create a mass craze, you know, but at the same time we should be kind of aware at least we could be aware of what to look for to help the police do their jobs, maybe," Gedayloo-Sudden said, shrugging. She noted how secure the complex is, with gates surrounding all entrances, and cameras dotting the grounds.

Gedayloo-Sudden said it's surprising how easy it is to make high end drugs without causing anything noticeable.

"it's not like some bad smell, or some horrible weird grungy containers outside the door. It could be hidden in a bathroom and never know it's happening."

10News called the Presido Place Condo Association and have not heard back.