Dangerous driving caught on camera in Clairemont​​​​​​

Posted at 11:50 AM, Oct 09, 2018

CLAIREMONT, CALIF. (KGTV) San Diego Police Department is investigating a car meet-up that turned into brief reckless driving exhibition in Clairemont.

Viewer video shows several cars doing donuts and burnouts for hundreds of spectators at in major shopping center off Balboa Ave from Friday night.

The drivers almost hit people trying to film them and almost crash into fences on the property.

Those who attended say the meet-up was organized through private social media accounts.

“It’s scary because it starts right next to you and it happens with like a flick of a switch,” said one gearhead who wants to remain anonymous to protect his identity.

An SDPD officer is shown responding to the incident in the video and appears to be harassed by the crowd.

“People were throwing trash at him and there was a lot of middle fingers that were thrown up,” said another car enthusiast who was the event, “I thought the cop was going to get attacked.”

The anonymous gearheads say what happened Friday night is not indicative of car culture and they were upset with how people treated the officer.

“I’ve been to multiple meets where… we get to look at some nice cars but then there’s meet’s like this that get out a hand and then cause a horrible image for us,” said the anonymous attendee.

SDPD has not clarified if any arrests were made during the incident.