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Couple creates website to honor COVID-19 victims

Posted at 5:17 PM, May 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-26 10:27:36-04

(KGTV) -- While COVID-19 has taken the lives of thousands across the country, one couple has come up with a way for their memories to live on.

Rebecca Heiss and Dermot Jevens, from South Carolina, came up with the idea to create a site to honor those who lost their battles to the virus.

“This is going to be an entire community built memorial,” says Jevens.

“It was frustrating and sad and scary, and realizing that these were people,” says Heiss. “They weren’t just numbers.”

“Mourning America” launched in late March. So far, there are 4,500 names posted. The couple has received nearly 100 submissions from families all over the U.S., with the picture and story of their loved one.

The couple says some families haven’t been able to give their loved ones a proper memorial.

“This lady’s mom passed away in a nursing home. She wasn’t able to be there with her,” says Jevens. “She wasn’t able to go to the funeral. You can feel that pain and almost that release as she was writing and sending in the story.”

The couple has not received any submissions from San Diego yet, but they say their mission is to honor each person who has passed from the virus.

If you have a loved one or friend who lost their battle with the virus, the couple encourages you to submit their story and photo to the “Mourning America” site.