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City contractor to correct work on eight crumbling roads

Posted at 4:43 PM, Feb 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-19 21:13:16-05

Update, Feb. 19: G. Scott Asphalt issued a statement which said, "G. Scott is a local company that has been doing slurry for over 30 years. A bad mix design led to failures that did not fully manifest until the heavy rains. As a small, local business which prides itself on working for local government and the Military, we were devastated when we saw these failures. Once we identified the reasons behind the failures, we agreed to repair them, at our cost, under warranty. We appreciate the opportunity to explain the situation and ask for the public’s patience as we work to repair these projects."

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - A city contractor who performed faulty work on eight San Diego roads will fix the work at its own cost.

The city says G. Scott Asphalt's work failed over time because the slurry mix was set incorrectly and did not adhere to the ground properly.

The result is splotchy concrete in busy downtown, industrial, and residential roads at these eight locations in the city:

1. Milton Road in Bay Park
2. Kearny Villa Road
3. College Avenue south of University
4. Comstock at Lanston
5. 3rd and A
6. Carmel Valley Road at Shasta Daisy Trail
7. Rosecrans at Talbot Street
8. 6th Avenue between Beech and Ash

Some areas are more dire than others. For instance, the stretch of Kearny Villa Road north of Clairemont Mesa Boulevard to the 52 has seemingly sequential gaps in the concrete. But there is much less wear at a residential part of Rosecrans Street in Point Loma. And the crosswalk is filled with gaps at Third Avenue and A Streets downtown, just down the street from City Hall.

Downtown resident Charles Dion said the work should be fixed as soon as possible, and that he's concerned about pedestrians and dockless scooter riders.

"Some of them I see trip," he said. "I saw a girl trip the other day day and fell right on her face."

Scooter riders said Monday they could feel that gaps a little bit but it didn't impact their balance.

A call and email to G Scott Asphalt were not immediately returned.