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Chef rides his way to top San Diego Lime scooter customer

Posted at 6:17 PM, Sep 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-18 13:18:44-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - Two years after Lime scooters hit the pavement, the company has reached a milestone - surpassing 100 million rides globally.

The company is thanking its riders who span across more than 120 cities, 30 countries, and five continents.

A San Diego chef is one of those riders; in fact, he too reached a personal milestone.

"My name is Justin Vaiciunas, and I am San Diego's #1 Lime rider!"

A Lime representative called Vaiciunas last week to tell him about the accomplishment; Vaiciunas clocked in nearly 600 rides this year.

"I live right over off of Pacific Highway, and I scooter from there to work every day and back, and then also all around; even to Balboa Park, North Park, everywhere I can," said Vaiciunas.

Vaiciunas likes how accessible and easy the scooters make it getting around downtown. He now uses them for 80 percent of his commutes.

"I used to spend about $80 in gas a week; now I maybe spend that a month."

The company says with the growth they've increased education outreach as well as efforts to be good stewards in the cities they serve.

A San Diego Lime Patrol Team picks up misplaced scooters.

As for Vaiciunes, his next goal is being the country's #1 Lime rider.

Last month Lime's future in San Diego was called into question when the City claimed the company violated geo-fencing rules. The city then began the process to revoke Lime's permit.

But a Lime spokesperson says the company looks forward to an upcoming hearing to make its case.

A date for that hearing has not yet been set.