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Chains required at Palomar Mountain after overnight snow creates icy roads

Posted at 10:53 AM, Jan 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-02 09:16:16-05

PALOMAR MOUNTAIN (CNS) - Due to overnight snowfall and current low temperatures, chains were being required today on Palomar Mountain, the California Highway Patrol said.

Only vehicles with chains, or four-wheel drive snow-rated tires, will be allowed access, authorities said.

"The CHP and the San Diego Sheriff's Department will be patrolling the area to monitor trespassing and make sure the roadways are kept clear of parked vehicles," said Oceanside CHP Officer Mark Latulippe, who pointed out there are limited facilities on Palomar Mountain for food, restrooms and trash.

Mountain visitors were being urged to respect the privacy of residents and private property.

Officials also recommend using extra caution on slippery roads, reducing speed and increasing following distance due to compromised visibility in wintery conditions.

The CHP also reminded visitors to Palomar Mountain to "practice good snow etiquette."

That involves:

  • Parking only where legally allowed, and not blocking roadway access

for emergency vehicles. Vehicles blocking any part of the roadway may be

cited or towed.

  • Avoiding trespassing onto private property. Violators will be cited

or arrested.

  • Recognizing that area restroom facilities are limited or

inaccessible at many locations that are frequented when snow is present.

  • Removing any trash produced as waste-receptacle space is limited.
  • Realizing snow and rain increase hazardous driving conditions

necessitating caution when driving on slippery or iced-over roadways.

  • Not drinking and driving, buckling up seat belts and obeying

traffic laws.