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Calls grow for Supervisor Nathan Fletcher's immediate resignation amid sexual assault allegations

Nathan Fletcher
Posted at 7:24 PM, Apr 07, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-07 22:24:10-04

SAN DIEGO COUNTY — Cries for an immediate resignation are getting louder more than a week after a lawsuit was filed accusing the San Diego County Supervisor for District 4, Nathan Fletcher, of sexual harassment and assault on a colleague at MTS.

On Friday, Congresswoman Sara Jacobs (CA-51) told ABC 10News she wants Fletcher to step down from the Board of County Supervisors "effective immediately."

Her statement read in part:

"I regret that Nathan was able to garner my and others' support while these women were suffering."
Congresswoman Sara Jacobs

Congresswoman Jacobs is echoing the same sentiment as Supervisor Jim Desmond (District 5), who released a video on Twitter stating, "He should not be getting paid by the taxpayers and he should not be receiving medical treatment on the taxpayer's dime," referring to the treatment for PTSD and alcohol abuse Fletcher has said he is receiving.

Of the four remaining County Supervisors, three of them have voiced their approval of Fletcher's resignation. Meanwhile, Supervisor Joel Anderson (District 2) told ABC 10News, "My focus is on what is in the best interest of the residents of the Fourth District and your question would be best directed to them."

Congressman Scott Peters agreed Fletcher should resign.

Congressman Mike Levin declined to comment.

Congressman Darrell Issa told ABC 10News, "The County deserves a full and functioning Board of Supervisors. Nathan Fletcher's inability to serve is preventing that from happening."

Fletcher's term is expected to last until May 15.

The Supervisor's office told ABC 10News his annual salary is roughly $205,000 dollars.

According to a rough estimate, Fletcher makes around $560 dollars per day, meaning the he will be paid roughly $20,000 dollars between April 7 and May 15.

When asked if Fletcher would consider resigning immediately, Fletcher's office told ABC 10News he cannot respond because "he is out of state receiving treatment."