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Businesses team up to raise money to get a shower trailer for the homeless

Posted at 8:43 PM, Apr 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-10 23:43:47-04

OCEANSIDE (KGTV) - A big problem the homeless population faces is finding a safe place to bathe, that's why businesses are teaming up to help.

Jordan Verdin has spent the last decade working with the homeless population in the North County. As a photographer, he’s always taking pictures and sharing their stories on social media.

Part of Verdin’s love of taking pictures of the homeless is allowing them the opportunity of, “being seen and being heard but sometimes they might not want to be seen because of how they look so what we want to do I provide something that will eliminate that barrier”.

He tells 10News, “One of the consistent needs shared with me is needing a place to shower”. After hearing that need repeated time and time again, he’s decided to work another project.

Verdin mentioned the project to Oceanside business owner Jeanette Linnborn. Linnborn is the owner of coffee shop, Stay Golden.

When Verdin brought the idea to Linnborn she jumped on board immediately. She tells 10News, “I was so excited about that I was like okay we can totally do this”.

The shower trailer is made up of two sides, each equipped with a bathroom and shower. Verdin tells me 125 people will be able to shower daily.

The shower trailer will stand as a liaison to help homeless back on their feet, “something as simple as a shower and a haircut just makes them feel human again” Verdin tells 10News.

The cost of the shower trailer is $22,000 and they have just reached the halfway point. There’s still a GoFundMe page set up to help them get the other half of funding.