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Borrego Springs residents urge judge to deny SVP Douglas Badger placement

Douglas Badger
Posted at 11:17 AM, Aug 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-05 16:44:47-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — Judge Theodore Weathers announced Friday he will not be making a decision about the placement of Douglas Badger in Borrego Springs.

Badger was convicted for offenses that include child molestation, kidnapping, and forcible oral copulation.

Badger’s conditional release has already been granted, that is no longer being debated. The decision being debated Friday is strictly on where to place him. If this proposed location on Zuni Trail is denied, state will have to find another location.

Minutes before the hearing began, residents and local leaders banned together, pleading that the judge does not place Badger in their community.

Judge Weathers allowed dozens of residents to voice their concerns. The residents that were on the front steps of the San Diego Superior County were not just frustrated, but fearful of what this placement could mean for them.

Parents say they don't feel safe having their kids walk out the door. Residents are worried that if this happens, this will just be the beginning of more sexually violent predators being placed in their community.

“It can’t happen, this is not the right place for Douglas Badger," said Terrie Kellmeyer.

Kellmeyer lives across the street from the potential new home of sexually violent predator Douglas Badger.

“I have three children, I am terrified," she shares.

Two of Kellmeyer's children are hearing-impaired.

“She cannot hear footsteps coming behind her, she couldn't hear an SVP coming to her bedroom at night. It is absolutely terrifying,” said Kellmeyer.

She and others expressed their anguish on the steps of the courthouse just minutes before Badgers hearing.

Denny Fotin says, “I have been to the house many times. Now it’s going to be a nightmare house.”

Last month, the courts agreed to place another sexually violent predator by the name of Michael Martinez on Running M Road.

Badger has had two prior locations considered for his placement.

One of them was a home in Mount Helix, which was denied by a judge after extensive push back. The other was a home in Rancho Bernardo where the homeowners retracted their agreement to have him live there.

“This is a very isolated community, there is no potential for group counseling, for therapy, there is no medical attention, and it's 75 minutes away from anything that could possibly assist this individual. So to put him, is doing him and the community a tremendous disservice," says Borrego Springs resident, Mary Hart.

For those that showed up Friday morning with posters, they just hope that the judge finds another solution. Local leaders like Supervisor Jim Desmond, believe the better option would be placing Badger on federal or state lands.

“To me it’s just terrible that this is where the worst of the worst of our population of our criminals, who have done there time, who have not been cured, who have not been given a clean bill of health, are suddenly injected into our neighborhoods," explains Desmond.