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Bluff failure along Encinitas beach, a year after deadly collapse

Posted at 4:35 PM, Aug 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-10 20:18:08-04

San Diego (KGTV)- Another section of the bluff has collapsed in Encinitas. This comes almost exactly one year after the deadly collapse that killed three women on the beach.

Large mounds of rock sit at the foot of the cliffs on Stonesteps Beach, in Encinitas, after the bluffs gave way early Sunday morning. Lifeguard Captain Larry Giles tells ABC 10News the collapse stretches 40 feet along the beach.

The block failure sits just over a mile and a half from Grandview Beach in Encinitas. Julie Davis, her daughter Annie Clave and sister Elizabeth Charles were tragically killed at the site a year ago after the bluffs came crashing down.

10News spoke with Davis' husband, Dr. Pat Davis, last week on the anniversary of the collapse. He says more needs to be done to keep Encinitas beach-goers safe.

"There's very few new signs warning people about these cliffs," says Davis. "There's very little coordination by the lifeguard service to warn people about how dangerous these cliffs are."

Lifeguard Captain Larry Giles says no one was hurt in this weekend's collapse. The block failure was caused by natural erosion.

Giles says there is a small area on the cliff that is still causing some concern. Lifeguards and the City of Encinitas are monitoring the area.

Dr. Pat Davis says that as his family mourns the loss of their loved ones, he can't help but think about beach-goers.

"I think we're looking at a situation where what happened to my family could easily happen again."

Davis has been working with local and state leaders to stabilize the bluffs. He hopes a new bill will help. It offers solutions like sand replenishment. That bill is currently moving through the state Senate.