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Balancing the brain with exercise

Posted at 8:25 PM, Aug 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-06 11:32:34-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- Children's minds cam become overwhelmed during the chaos of a pandemic. However, one local company has found a way to deal with these challenges, especially as kids get ready to start a new school year. Brain Balance of San Diego offers a holistic program that specializes in getting to the root of children's challenges.

"Those challenges might be academically, socially, or behavioral, says office director Amanda Lee. "We see a lot of parents who come in with children struggling with attention, and sensory processing."

And at Brain Balance, they stay away from medications.

"That just looks at the tip of the iceberg, and is a band-aid."

They believe in the power of exercise, with workouts such as jump rope, balance beam, and planks just to give a few examples.

"It's fantastic for the brain, but the type of exercise we do here is very intentional. It works on very specific areas of the brain, but especially the connections between the different regions which are connected with development, processing, learning, and every day functioning."

Many families are now seeing their kids struggle, as they deal with the pandemic and distance learning.

"It's just been difficult," says the father of twin girls going through the Brain Balance program. "It's been nice because Brain Balance has been there, with emails as well as checking in with phone calls. But now having schools start with the distance learning, it's going to be hard to gauge them, but I can see they've gained."

So what are the red flags to look for in your children? Lee says there are a few.

"Are they able to really focus on the lesson at hand, and what about reading? A lot of kids are really struggling with getting through a paragraph or a sentence."

Lee also says Brain Balance is by no means a cure, just a stepping stone to help children with their struggles.

"We know there are these road blocks in the brain. So we help them clear those road blocks, and to help them truly thrive, especially in the new school year."