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Abused puppy abandoned in East County neighborhood, left in milk crate

Posted at 6:27 PM, Feb 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-15 21:32:23-05

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - Abused and left alone in East County, a three-month-old puppy is now recovering at the county's South Shelter in Bonita.

Authorities say she was abandoned in a milk crate in Crest, a good Samaritan noticed it next to a burning dumpster.

“This poor little sweetheart, three-months-old, obviously got bit by another animal in the head, you can see puncture marks all on the top of her head," said Daniel DeSousa, director for County of San Diego Department of Animal Services.

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DeSousa says whoever had the dog let the puncture wounds go untreated for a while, causing infection and abscesses in her head. She now has six stitches and a drain in her head to help remove fluids.

“Probably a dog fight of some sort, we just don’t know, that’s why we want to find out who had this girl, she’s a sweetheart of a dog," DeSousa says.

The three-month-old pitbull has distinct markings, a large brown spot on her back and brown freckles on her pink nose. Staff named her "Grace" because she survived by the grace of God.

“We want to know who did this so if we do hold them accountable we can make sure nothing like this happens to another dog," said DeSousa.

However, investigators don't believe anyone witnessed the dog being abandoned and they don't have any leads on who the dog belongs to.

DeSousa says anyone who cannot afford medical care for their animal can drop them off at the animal shelter with no consequences.

Anyone with information is urged to contact animal services or San Diego Crime Stoppers: