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Bub's at the Beach set to close after 25 years in business

Bubs at the Beach set to close after 25 years in business
Posted at 9:16 PM, Apr 19, 2023

(KGTV) PACIFIC BEACH — "I have been in Pacific Beach for 20 years. Bub’s has been here the whole time. It’s really a great place," says John Collins, a Pacific Beach resident.

Bub's at the Beach announced on Instagram, it is closing at the end of the month.

"A hell of a lot of memories in 25 years of Pacific Beach, and the friends and families we’ve made here will never be forgotten."

"The staff is consistent. Over the years, you get to know them. They bring over a drink I am going to order anyways. I am going to miss them a lot," Collins says.

Many customers come almost every Wednesday for specials on chicken wings.

"It is how you decide your day is going to go, work sucked so let's get wings," says Texas Adams, a Pacific Beach resident.

Adams has been tasting those wings for 10 years.

"I know every manager here. I have dated a couple girls here. I love this place," he added.

There is no indication that the other location, Bub’s at the Ballpark is closing downtown. ABC 10 News asked staff members why Bub’s at the Beach is closing and they would not comment.