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8th graders reflect on big life lessons

Posted at 5:07 PM, Mar 27, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-27 20:07:41-04

For 8th Graders at Saint Columba Catholic School in Serra Mesa, this was more than just a performance, this presentation of the Living Stations of the Cross gave them the opportunity to reflect on big life lessons.

Luke Deorosola, a student says, “You can also learn to respect people and treat people with kindness like Jesus did .. in his last moments he was still kind and forgiving.”

The Stations of the Cross walks the public through the reenactment of the journey of Jesus Chris, leading to his crucifixion. A day that’s commemorated on Good Friday.

These students played different roles allowing them to get into character while taking a closer look at their own spiritual growth.

Jimmy Davoren, a teacher says, “We very much are accepting that we go on this journey towards themselves … being better people and making a better world.”

And you don’t need to be Catholic to take away lessons from this presentation. Student Daniel Amare is an Orthdox Christian. He says participating in this performance opened his eyes to the opportunities out there to create change in this world individually and as a member of his community.

Amare adds, “When they see every step of the stations of the cross they start thinking of I can be forgiving like that.

I could be like Jesus did and forgive everyone and I don’t have to be a bad guy.”