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San Diego's Lunar New Year Fair organizers take extra precautions to allay Coronavirus concerns

Posted at 8:18 PM, Feb 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-09 10:11:52-05

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - Precautions were taken at the 38th Annual San Diego Chinese New Year Fair to mitigate Coronavirus concerns, organizers said.

"We are providing extra hand sanitizers in every location, we have hand washing stations at every one of our porta-potties, and we are just reiterating to everyone that we're local to San Diego," Kathleen Dang, Board Secretary with Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, said.

Dang said most of the vendors and organizers are 3rd, or 4th generation San Diegans with no relatives in Asia, inferring there is no risk of catching the Coronavirus at the event.

The festival had entertainment ranging from music to dancing, food and art. The two day festival was created to share the culture and remind San Diegans of their Chinese roots.

"It's so important because it's not 38 years old, it's actually a lot older because Chinese people were settling in the downtown are for over 100 years," Dang said the city was built by Chinese-Americans.

Dang was not concerned about the virus scaring away visitors, she said she was more concerned with the rain. She said the turnout Saturday was average.

Visitors who spoke with 10News said they weren't afraid either, "I don't have that fear. I feel that we should be more concerned about the flu!" Ruth Lim said.

Lim said she has attended the fair for almost 20 years and this year met up with her grandkids.

The fair opens Sunday at 10 a.m. and closes at 5 p.m.