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26th Annual Operation Boo keeps child sex offenders in check

Posted at 10:16 PM, Oct 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-01 02:18:27-04

SAN DIEO (KGTV) - Parole agents checked on child sex offenders Thursday night to ensure they were in compliance, as part of the 26th Annual Operation Boo.

10News rode along with California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Agents who went knocking on 7 doors Halloween night.

"The gates were closed, the lights were turned off, they kind of know what is expected of them," Parole Agent Matthew Holmes said.

Some of the stops took us to National City, City Heights, even a marina where a house boat was docked.

"Most of the time they're compliant, occasionally somebody has to go back to jail, but we just try to hold them accountable for their conditions," Holmes said.

That means no alcohol, drugs, weapons, or pornography.

Thursday night everyone checked out.

One parolee told 10News he's excited to take the next step after his release, "I feel fantastic, the program is great, State Parole is great. It's definitely worth it. I think all this tax payers expense, they're getting their money's worth, I'll tell you that."

Operation Boo is just a small part of agents' role of checking in on parolees. Wednesday five parolees were arrested for being out of compliance.