Rep. Duncan Hunter vapes at committee hearing

Posted at 3:45 PM, Feb 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-11 18:52:40-05

"First, I'd like to say this ... So, this is called a vaporizer," Congressman Duncan Hunter said while exhaling from his vaporizer.

Rep. Duncan Hunter, who represents California's 50th District in San Diego County, is a vape crusader.

He used his vape pen and a thick vape cloud during a Transportation Committee meeting Thursday.

The committee discussed an amendment to ban vaping on planes.

And Duncan's device caused a little confusion.

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"You spoke about vaping devices, but you did not say you oppose electronic cigarettes," Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton said.

"This is a personal vaporizer. We actually don't even call them electronic cigarettes anymore but they're not cigarettes," Hunter said.

"I did note that the gentleman did emit smoke from the vaporizer," Norton said.

"There's no smoke in this. There are no carcinogens. It's vapor," Hunter said.

"Vaping is moist air. Is that correct?" Rep. Bill Shuster asked.

And what's a committee hearing on vaping without a weed joke?

"The other substances, by the way, can refer to what's legal in Oregon and Washington state," Hunter said.

"Maybe we'll just vote on it as is. We don't want to get into that discussion," Rep. Peter DeFazio said.

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Or some clowning?

"The next thing we're going to do, we're going to ban hot air, we're going to ban bad breath and body odor. ... I've been on the floor before, talking to some of you, and had to take a step back," Shuster said.

The amendment passed, so vaporizers may soon be banned while you fly.

Most airlines already ban them anyway.

But at least Duncan will have this moment to replay over and over.

VIDEO: U.S. House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure