Local attorney is an immigrant torn between the law and White House immigration policy

Estela De Orduna practices law in two countries
Posted at 5:46 PM, Feb 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-24 20:46:56-05

CHULA VISTA - The ongoing immigration issue from the White House to San Diego County has frustrated millions of Americans and immigrants. Now a Chula Vista-based attorney finds herself in a struggle between her professional and personal life.

Lawyer Estela De Orduna was born in Mexico and practices international family law in both countries. She is not a US Citizen even though she is licensed in the state of California.

“It is not easy to maintain legal status each and every year for all the time that I’ve been here,” said Orduna insider her Chula Vista office.

She said she has spent at least $50,000 over the years on work visas and applications to remain in US. She has repeatedly been turned down for a green card.

“The Labor Department said, ‘No, I think that a US national can do what you do’ and I’m like, ‘They’ve got to be kidding,’” she said.

The lawyer admits to now struggling with President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

“Why are you shocked? He’s doing exactly what he promised during his campaign,” she said. “I do understand when the President is talking about protecting the citizens from terrorism, protecting the citizens from alien criminals. Do I agree with that? Certainly I do.”

However, she worried about herself and her family. De Orduna is not worried about deportation but feels the tension of the country.

“It’s a little frightening because a country should be united,” she said. “It feels frustrating that I’ve worked for 17 years almost, here in this country, following the letter of the law, paying every penny that it cost me.”

She said misinformation only adds to the problem.

“There are too many opinions, too many voices, and they’re confusing,” she explained. “If you really want to know what’s going and what the President executive orders are saying, don’t get your information from any other source than the White House.”

The lawyer in her said the President’s executive order is very clear but she said there are too many issues in it that may not stand up to legal challenges.