Lindbergh Field running low on jet fuel

Posted at 5:09 PM, Aug 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-18 20:26:54-04

SAN DIEGO - San Diego International Airport is running low on fuel this weekend -- a situation that has airlines working to keep flights on time.

Bill Tiano is one of the many travelers who could be affected by the fuel shortage. He arrived in San Diego Thursday for his friend's bachelor party, with plans to fly back to Connecticut on Monday.

"Red-eye flight Monday, please get the jet fuel fixed," he said.

The San Diego Airport Authority said in a statement that they are monitoring the situation. Spokespersons for American and United Airlines said they don't foresee delays, and Alaska Airlines said in a statement that it would be trucking in more fuel, but also didn't foresee delays.

A person who answered the phone at Allied Aviation, which manages fuel for Lindbergh Field, declined to comment.

Some airlines fly in and out with higher fuel loads to compensate for the lower fuel on the ground.

Aviation expert Gordon Wynn said engines on the newer planes are so efficient that they can reach their destinations on time even with extra weight.

"I just hope they have gas when I leave," said Bill Summers, who is spending the weekend in Oceanside for a surfing competition.

This isn't the first time airports have run low on fuel.

In 2005, airports across the southwest, including Lindbergh Field, came within hours of running out of fuel due to high demand and international events. Airlines almost scheduled additional layovers, but averted the crisis.

Demand is also up this year, with visitors flooding into San Diego.