Guns, jewelry taken in La Mesa home burglary

Posted at 9:14 AM, May 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-20 13:12:00-04

A La Mesa woman was horrified after coming home to a ransacked house with items stolen that are both precious and deadly.

Ashli Shore had just picked up her son from school on Wednesday and knew something was wrong the moment she got to her front door.

"The security screen was open, and as I approached the door, I realized it was cracked," she said.

The deeper she went, the worse it got.

"And I'm realizing that my hutch is completely open, there's stuff missing, all over the place, and then my son walks in behind and goes, 'Mommy, why is all this stuff all over the place?'" Shore said.

When she turned the corner into her hallway, panic set in.

"I see my husband's weapons, I see his gun case, his belt, his bullet stuff, I see all of it laying on the floor, and I just turned to my seven year old and I yell, 'Go outside, right now! Get outside!'" Shore said.

The burglars were gone, but they took more than just guns. They used pillowcases from Shore's bed and filled them with valuables like laptops, and carried them outside.

"I mean, they took my prescription glasses, how horrible is that? Really? Come on," Shore said.

But her disbelief turned to heartbreak once she saw her jewelry box on the ground. A ring her uncle gave her before he died, her husband's wedding band, and her wedding ring, with diamonds from her late grandmother, all gone.

"They took everything that I had of him and my grandma," Shore said.

Shore and her husband weren't wearing the rings because they had just gotten matching tattoos. They were waiting for them to heal before wearing the rings again.

"I hardly slept last night because I felt … I felt really violated," Shore said.

Her family's feeling of security, swiped with the rings.