Knock knock: Amazon wants to drop packages off inside your home

Posted at 2:02 PM, Oct 26, 2017

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - It seems like Amazon is always trying to fix our problems. Their latest innovation promises to ensure your package deliveries don't get stolen.

The new delivery service launches in San Diego in November, it's called Amazon Key.

Customers must purchase a camera and smart lock. When a delivery person arrives they scan the package. The customer is alerted and a signal to the Amazon cloud unlocks the door. There's no access code or keys involved and it's all caught on video.

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Only Prime members can take advantage of Amazon Key, the camera and smart locks start at $249 and an Amazon technician will install it for free.

La Jolla resident Nick Fennel says he would consider using the service. A year ago he had a package stolen from his home. 

"I was really surprised how casually he walked up and walked away," said Fennel. "It was pretty frustrating because I felt like someone was violating my space."

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He's one of the millions of Americans in this unlucky club. Luckily for Fennel, he was able to catch the thief. 

While he's open to Amazon Key, his wife has privacy concerns.

Ted Harrington, an Executive Partner at Independent Security Evaluators, warns consumers to consider potential downsides.

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"Providing access to a stranger, putting a camera in your house that a third party company is constantly going to be consuming the video feed of, things of that nature," said Harrington. 

He also recognizes the upside, convenience, and peace-of-mind knowing you'll get your package. 

Harrington says it's up to consumers to decide on their own how willing they are to protect their packages.