Winter woes for Julian residents mad at snow-seekers treatment of cemetery

Called "pathetic," no respect for ancestors
Posted at 10:56 AM, Dec 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-28 14:05:13-05

JULIAN, Calif. — The snow has mostly melted from Julian after this weekend's snowfall, but residents say the damage visitors cause will last forever. 

The peace and quiet at the Julian Cemetery was replaced Monday with the sound of laughter. Residents say it shouldn't be there. 

"It drives us and the whole town crazy,” said Jeff Philip, a member of American Legion Post 468 in Julian. 

10News shot video of dozens of children and their parents sledding, throwing snowballs, and running around the tombstones. Philip says the town is shocked by the disrespect. 

“Snowboard down through the cemetery using the tombstones as an obstacle course, many a times of which they run into the tombstones," Philip said. "Pathetic. They just have no respect for a cemetery at all. And that’s the way it is today.”

Philip says they've tried to protect their ancestors but it seems nothing can stop the determined tourists. 

“They cut the fences to go into private property, they park in people’s driveways so they can’t get out, the town just turns into a complete disaster,” he said. 

Philip says they don't know what to do, and can only pray people will start to realize exactly what they're sledding on. 

“I think people ought to show a little bit more respect," Philip said. "But good luck."

One resident told 10News she called 911 on some of the sledders in the cemetery and deputies kicked them out.