Investigators raid Perris house where 13 siblings were found

Investigators raid home where 13 siblings found
Investigators raid home where 13 siblings found
Posted at 4:59 PM, Jan 17, 2018

PERRIS, Calif. -- Investigators Wednesday raided the home of a couple suspected of imprisoning their 13 children in Perris. 

Investigators arrived on scene around 10:30 Wednesday morning and opened the garage doors, revealing a rack of books and DVDs, boxes and clutter on the floors.

Some of the items brought out of the home throughout the day included several large pieces of wood that appeared to be part of a bed frame.

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Other boxes and bags were also carried out and placed into investigator’s cars.

It’s unclear what exactly investigators were searching for Wednesday as they work to build a case against the two parents, who have been arrested but still haven’t been charged.

David Allen Turpin and his wife Louise Turpin were arrested Sunday after their 17-year-old daughter escaped the home and alerted authorities to her 12 other siblings being held captive inside the home.

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Authorities said they found the children in filthy conditions with some shackled to beds with chains and padlocks.

All of the couples’ 13 children, seven of which were adults, were taken to local hospitals.

Neighbors watched again on Wednesday, as their street was flooded with authorities and media.

"It's been really chaotic," said Jennifer Blaisdell of the past 72 hours in her neighborhood.

"It's becoming more real" remarked Kimberly Milligan as she watched authorities haul evidence from the home.

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David and Louise are each being held on $9 million bail. The couple is scheduled to appear in court Thursday afternoon, assuming charges are filed by that time.