Illegal Dumping in alleys and sidewalks

Posted at 6:42 PM, Apr 24, 2017
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It’s a problem in many neighborhoods across the county. People illegally dumping old furniture, appliances and other trash in alleys, sidewalks and even front yards. 

"It's always something back here,” said North Park resident Jelecia King.

When she walks through the alley to stroll around her neighborhood, she often walks passed by junk abandoned by neighbors and even people who don’t live in the neighborhood. 

The pile of junk near her apartment complex started out with someone dumping a stove. Then, someone else dumped an old TV, then a sink.  And from there, it turned into a mound of trash.  The alley is located between University and Lincoln Avenues and Utah and Kansas Streets. 

“And then they use our trash can which six people occupy and it makes it hard for us to get out stuff in,” said King. 

In the College Area, residents say students dump their old furniture right on the sidewalk and front yards at the end of each semester.  People end up calling 10News after they report it to the city and they say nothing gets done. 

We reached out to the city. A spokesman says the better the description and location of the problem, the easier the city can respond.

"I live right here, so my door bumps right up to the alley,” said North Park resident Michelle Griffiths.

She lives right across that pile of trash  

"I don't love it.  It makes it shadier in the alley.  I mean I don't see it stopping,” said Griffiths. 

"I know sometimes they may want someone to pick it up.  But it's offensive. It makes the neighborhood look bad,” said King.

Residents on one El Cerrito street found a good way to cut down on illegal dumping is to install a neighborhood surveillance system with adequate warning signs. 

They used to see trash being dumped every week.  But in the last four years, it's dropped significantly.

There are several options to report illegal dumping. 

First, you can download and use the City's "Get It Done" app or visit the City's homepage where you can report the address, problem and upload images.  A third option is to email:

The fastest way to report illegal dumping in your neighborhood is to use the city's app or website.

If you call the city's Environmental Service Department Customer Service number, be prepared to wait. 

ESD receives about 11,000 reports of illegal dumping every year and about 10,000 general complaints about trash collection code violations. 


The city's “Get It Done App”

The city's website

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