Manager: Satellite phone theft was inside job

Posted at 6:53 PM, Jan 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-19 21:53:05-05

Hundreds of people could be using a stolen phone and not even know it, after a recent theft at a local satellite phone business.

Nicole Garegnani, manager of Bankers Hill-based All Road Satellite, told 10News that two ex-employees stole 200-300 phones and then launched a similar company that operates on the Internet.

"I mean, how can anyone be so horrible?" said Garegnani. "Greed can get you."

Garegnani feels more than just ripped off. She said the two former employees who she trusted stole her satellite phone business from under her nose.

"So, that whole time they were building their company and their website and continuing to build their customers," she said.

San Diego police confirmed the two men have been charged, but wouldn't be more specific. The men were identified as Eddie Siscon and Timothy Green, and 10News found Facebook pictures that show Green living the high life.

"Over $200,000 in equipment alone, and then we lost about $50,000 in revenue from customer theft," said Garegnani.

Garegnani said the two men have been hiding out and operating their new business, Apollo Communications, online. According to a search warrant obtained by 10News, a tipster told investigators the men would often laugh and make jokes about ripping off All Road Satellite.

"Once they hijacked the customer, account credit card information, they would send them a new SIM card," Garegnani said.

10News paid a visit to the $6 million La Jolla home listed as the men's business address in the search warrant. A man who came to the door said the former employees were not home and was vague.

Garegnani said an arrest can't come soon enough.

"We're just looking for justice, we want our equipment, our customers back," she said.

Garegnani said police raided the men's home and took computers, but they are still investigating.

If you have a satellite phone and want to check to see if it's stolen, you can call All Road Satellite at 888-884-7623 or visit, and ask for Nicole Garegnani.