How to not overspend at the grocery store

Posted at 7:11 AM, May 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-29 10:22:27-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV)--Do you ever come out of a grocery store and realize you've spent way too much?

It's because they know how to get you to shell out that extra cash.

But you can be armed to keep yourself from overspending the next time you go grocery shopping.

Kristy Neal says it happens to her - especially when her kids see the sugary treats at the checkout line.

“There are more characters, more colors, sounds, lights, they even put the toys up front,” Neal said.

Exactly according to plan.

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Nutritionist Lauren Niemes says grocers do a lot to get more of your money - beyond putting candy at the front. 

Take the large displays on the end of every aisle. 

“Not always are they good buys, but they are placed there to get you to purchase it,” Niemes said.

Placement matters. 

Pre-sliced cheese in the milk section can be half the price of freshly cut cheese at the deli counter.

And there's a reason all those variations of Oreos and Cheerios dominate the actual aisles - it's harder to spot the smaller, more affordable brands.

So the more shelf space they have the more consumers will see their products, which leads to more purchases

And as for that candy at the front - Niemes says there are much better buys waiting for you in the actual candy aisle, far back from the check out line.