Hit-run driver plows into front yard of Encinitas home

Posted at 1:14 PM, Nov 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-05 16:14:04-04
ENCINITAS, Calif. -- A hit-and-run driver lost control and plowed through the front yard of an Encinitas home Friday afternoon.
“I was coming down the street, I saw some fire trucks and said, 'gosh I sure hope they're not at my home,'” homeowner Kelly Jensen said. 
However, when Kelly Jensen turned the corner on Willowspring Drive at around 3 p.m., she found half the neighborhood standing out in front of her home. Witnesses told authorities that a speeding driver lost control and slammed into the fence of her home. 
“So he went through the fence, hit the wishing well and the wishing well propelled through my window,” Jensen said.  
On the other side of that window was Jensen's dog Murphy. She's unsure if a piece of the house struck Murphy, or if the dog hurt herself trying to get away. 
“She's limping around pretty good right now,” Jensen said.  
Jensen is not as upset about the damage as she is with the fact that it was a hit-and-run.  
“The thing that annoys me is that my house was hit-and-run. So, the car came in, did all this, and then according to my neighbors, put it in reverse and sped away.” 
However, one neighbor was able to scribble down the license plate number of the car in question. San Diego County Sheriff’s deputies are investigating. 
Jensen says this is the third time her home has been struck since she’s resided there. 
“This exact same thing happened to me 20 years ago,” Jensen said. “Very similar, car came through the fence and that car ended up its side on my front porch.” 
Her hope is that the city will add speed bumps along Willowspring Drive.