Man says city's storm drain ruins his property

Posted at 6:19 PM, Sep 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-22 21:19:52-04

A Hillcrest man has had enough and is now suing the city of San Diego for damage he says the city's broken storm drain system has caused to his property.

"Certainly no one wants to have to deal with this every time it rains," said property owner Travis Minnich. "It's a big problem."

Minnich said he's been dealing with the city's broken storm drain for six years now.

"It's made out of wood and it's well over 100 years old," said Minnich. "You can see the wood is completely rotted."

Minnich said mud and debris have knocked over his fence and seeped into a downstairs apartment. He's either had to pay or fix the damage.

"It takes hours; it's back breaking work," Minnich said. "I have to shovel tons of dirt from my property every single time."

Minnich has complained to the city and contacted San Diego City Councilman Todd Gloria but said nothing has ever been done to fix it.

"All I was told is that it goes on the list," Minnich said.

A city spokesman confirmed to 10News the storm drain is on a list to be repaired sometime in the future. However, with El Nino looming, Minnich said there's no time to waste.

"I just want them to fix it," he said.

City spokesman Bill Harris also said the city has investigated the storm drain and does not consider it an immediate threat. He added the city won't comment on pending litigation.