High-speed chase suspect: 'I've had better days'

Posted at 6:14 AM, Jan 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-21 09:36:23-05

A wanted felon lead officers on a high-speed chase across several San Diego freeways Wednesday night, and was eventually arrested in Alpine.

Law enforcement identified the suspect as Andrew Aud. Aud had three warrants out for his arrest including burglary, firearms possession and a probation violation.

U.S. Marshals were following Aud when they say he sped off, saying he refused to stop peacefully.

The chase went right by our 10News Breaking News Tracker on I-805.

During the chase, officers say Aud went at least 90 miles per hour.

California Highway Patrol, San Diego police, El Cajon police and the sheriff's department all took part in the chase, which lasted for 50 miles and spanned most of the county.

U.S. Marshals finally put down spike strips near Alpine, bringing Aud's car to a stop.

When he was arrested, Aud said he only stopped because he ran out of gas.

He told our 10News Breaking News Tracker, "I've had better days."

U.S. Marshals searched his car after his arrest, but did not say whether they found anything.