Hidden blade in shopping cart nearly cuts man

Posted at 11:21 PM, Sep 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-17 15:50:56-04

CHULA VISTA (KGTV) – A Chula Vista man says he could have been seriously hurt by a razor blade attached to the handlebar of a shopping cart.

Jason Rodriguez says he was with his wife and young daughter, shopping at the Walmart on Eastlake Parkway Wednesday morning.

“Normally we put her in the shopping cart, but I’m glad we didn’t this time,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez discovered the blade when he went to wipe down the cart handle.  It was attached by magnets to the bottom of the handlebar.

“I could have been cut. I could have caught a disease of some sort,” Rodriguez said. “There are crazy people out there who do dumb things for who knows what reason.”

Rodriguez says he alerted store management to the incident. He added that he doesn’t blame Walmart because whoever hid the blade could have just as easily put it on other store’s carts.

However, he hopes that stores and people will be more vigilant going forward.

Walmart gave 10News the following statement:

“It’s disturbing that someone might try to injure a customer or associate, and we’re grateful no one was seriously hurt. We’ve reviewed surveillance footage and will continue working with police to find the person responsible.”