Group rallies at Lindbergh Field against travel ban

Posted at 7:22 AM, Jan 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-30 10:22:09-05

SAN DIEGO - For a second straight day, protestors showed up at San Diego's Lindbergh Field in opposition of President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration.

On Sunday, many poured in and packed a wide sidewalk at Terminal 2 in both directions. They spilled over across the street and even onto an overflow area above.

If you could not see behind the sea of signs, you would not know their age, sex or skin color. You would just know they were united in the message.

"Love trumps hate!" protester Amare Phillips shouted.

At age 10, you had to wonder how much Amare really knows about the national movement.

Trump's order, signed Friday, suspends all refugee entries for 120 days, indefinitely blocks all Syrian refugees, and bars entry for 90 days to all immigrants from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

The White House -- faced with confusion in customs checkpoints and the nationwide airport protests -- apparently backed off significantly Sunday.

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said on the NBC broadcast "Meet The Press" that all green card holders would not be prevented from entering the United States.

"As far as green card holders, moving forward, it doesn't affect them," Priebus said.

The president said the order was not a Muslim ban, as many are calling it. He said the order is about terror and keeping our country safe.

After hours of chanting, protesters migrated inside the airport to keep the Trump from closing America's doors.

In turn, airport authorities locked their doors. The curbside protest pushed on.

During the rally, young Amare changed the chant, and one small word made a big difference.

"We stand with immigrants," he said. "We stand as immigrants."

He and his 7-year-old brother, Mati, were born into poverty in Ethiopia.

When Mati was asked whose country this is, he replied, "Mine … and, everyone else's."

His older brother mirrored that thought.

"Everyone knows that this is my home, and this is your home," he said. "All [Trump] is doing is changing that."