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Social media series combines Chula Vista family's love for cooking and TikTok

Posted at 6:55 AM, May 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-19 09:58:27-04

CHULA VISTA, Calif. (KGTV) -- The popular social media app, TiKTok, has caused nearly everyone who uses it to bring out their dancing shoes. If you're not into dancing though, and you're more of a cooking fan, then the Borbas are the TikTok family for you.

"Cooking With a Yeti" is a social media series on TikTok produced by the family from Chula Vista.

"It all started when the Coronavirus thing went down and the girls were on lockdown from school. We wanted to figure out something we could all do together, that we all enjoy doing," said Rick Borba.

Rick is the face of the series while his daughters Natalie and Alex, and his wife Estrela help with duties behind the scenes.

"My dad does the videos and then I airdrop them to my phone. When he's at work or doing something I'll put them on my iPad then I'll start editing them," said youngest daughter, Alex.

Once Alex is done editing, her older sister Natalie checks the spelling and mom gives the final thumbs up.

"We'll hook it up to the TV and we'll be watching it. We just kind of all have a part in editing it," said Alex.

Creating the videos was an opportunity for the daughters to combine their love of TikTok with their parents love for cooking.

"I do dishes that you can do at home, nothing crazy or fancy," said Rick.

The name, "Cooking with a Yeti", came from the family's love for the popular outdoor brand, "It was a catchy name I came up with because I'm always outside cooking I'm always with my Yeti."

Whether it's pork belly or fish tacos on the menu, the family is all in when it comes to creating the short videos that have gained thousands of views per day. They said it's a simple way to bring the family close all thanks to a fun and easy app.

"We found out yesterday we made some kind of status on TikTok where you could go live, so that's a pretty big thing we made yesterday," Rick concluded.