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Positively San Diego: Torrey Pines High School cheer team rallies school spirit, volunteering during pandemic

Torrey Pines High School Cheer Team
Posted at 12:53 PM, Jan 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-28 15:53:33-05

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- While the pandemic has put a big damper on high school sports, it's also meant a big change for the cheer teams that provide so much spirit for the games.

Torrey Pines High School is home to the Falcons, and in the days before COVID-19, the cheer team put on spectacular displays to support their players on the field and court.

But after the pandemic hit, they're pretty much still a ball of energy.

"I still can't hear you! We are number one!"

The team cheers in a recorded video welcoming students back to online school, as the pandemic compelled study from home. This, one of the limited cheering opportunities, as the big games and rallies that showcased their live shows were on hold .

I met two cheer team members over zoom and asked, "If you can't cheer, then what can you do?"

"Well," answered senior team member Stella Bruce, "There's actually a lot of things we can do. Especially, just being a cheer leader, there's a lot of roles we play in the community as kind of a school ambassador."

Stella and fellow senior team member Nicole Demos, say the pandemic has changed things. While they still practice (just in case in person event resume), it's socially distanced with masks in place. Also, group stunts, like launching each other into high flips, are on hold. But the team's community volunteering has shifted into high gear.

"We've done holiday boxes," said Nicole, "Decorated grocery bags, the San Diego Food Drive, our toy drive, so a lot of different events to give back to our community that's done so much for us as a team."

In fact, the girls say the pandemic has redefined their idea of a team.

"Before being virtual," said Nicole, "I thought about a team as being more of a physical thing. You know, we're a team all standing here together. We're a team as we're doing this stunt or doing this dance together. But now that we are socially distanced, I think being a team is a lot more of a mindset that we all have."

Stella agreed, adding the comradery that infused the team in pre-COVID days, was as vital, if not more so, now.

"Just overall our team personality, and that everyone just kind of builds off of each other in kind of a cascade effect of positive attitudes."

The girls say they have a lot to be positive about.

"As seniors we're kind of in this strange transitional period at the moment," said Stella, "where we don't know exactly where we're going to be in a year that kind of mystery is also kind of exciting. Because we definitely have a lot to look forward to in the future."

A positivity that's infectious, in a very good way. As a team all about inspiration, sees a bright future and cheers us on to see the same.

"Let's go Falcons!"