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Del Mar artist creates children's picture books about COVID-19

Posted at 7:30 AM, Jul 30, 2020

DEL MAR, Calif. (KGTV) -- "When difficult things happen, artists really feel the need to give a voice to what's going on," described mother of two, Deana Lederman.

Lederman always turned to paintbrushes and a canvas when things got tough. "I have been drawing and writing since I was really little."

She turned her passion into profit when she became a published cartoonist, but she always had an eye for writing and books.

"I've always written stories and I've always wanted to get it out there, and this is kind of an interesting time to get this out there because there are a lot of families who are having a really hard time," Lederman described.

She pivoted from human to something more serious and recently published a series of children's books about COVID-19.

"I have a friend who has two little boys in Brooklyn, New York and she shared photos of the rainbows in the windows. That seemed like a logical storyline for the silver lining and sense of connection we have during the fact we're all isolated." It inspired her first book titled 'Noah Henry: A Rainbow Story'. After that, came 'Masks'.

"It's about a mom who sews masks for essential workers and I think everyone's been thinking about that and seeing all the work everyone's been doing," Lederman said.

Her book was recently published by TBR, a non-profit organization that supported multilingual children's books. Lederman's books were published in spanish, japanese and hebrew to name a few.

"It's really wonderful to be able to have these stories in my first picture books published in many languages so we can connect people during this time from all over."