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Chula Vista nonprofit earns over $10,000 after community matches boy's donation

Posted at 7:36 AM, May 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-12 10:36:04-04

(KGTV) -- 12-year-old Chula Vistan, Angel Velarde, helped the South Bay Community Service Organization raise over $10,000 with a dollar match campaign.

In a video posted on SBCS's facebook page, he thanked donors for their gifts, "I just want to say everyone's donation has helped a lot in this time of need, and I just want to say 'thank you'".

After he sold stress balls with a friend at Chula Vista Elementary, Angel made over $100, an amount that would soon go straight to helping those in need.

"Seeing all the family without money to get enough to drinks or food especially in this time of need, that's one big reason why I donated," Angel added.

The Chula Vista non-profit knew Angel's story would inspire others to give so they asked the community to match Angel's donation, the response was overwhelming.

"A lot of people added a zero to it so he made it a recurring monthly donation. They really took it to another step which was really nice to see," said CEO of SBCS, Kathie Lembo.

Kathie said the Chula Vista non-profit has helped thousands with food, shelter and protective gear since COVID-19.

"In the last eight weeks, we have had 32,000 people come through our food distribution. Over 32,000 people, many of them who've never come to food distribution before," Kathie said.

At a time kids are staying in, Kathie said Angel could've spent his money towards other things, but his compassion proved otherwise.

"There's a lot he could've done with it. I was thinking he could have bought video games because he's home a lot now, but he decided to do that [donate] and we really thought his generosity could spark others to think about this young man and what he's doing, and what could they do together."

Gloria's mom also shared her thoughts about Angel's generosity, "It's beautiful. We really hope to develop empathy in children, along with the concept and importance of giving back to the community because the community has given so much to us."