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Brewer uses social media to build awareness about inequality, diversity

Posted at 8:13 AM, Jan 27, 2021

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- For brewer Megan Stone, tapping into the beer world wasn't easy.

"I just wanted to learn, become a brewer but a lot of people made me feel like I didn't belong," Stone described.

But what she found easy was social media so like beer, she created a collaboration of the two.

"I realized I could take things I was passionate about and use my platform as a way to reach people and give other perspectives."

She began showcasing everything on social media from what's been brewing in the taprooms to her thoughts around issues like current events, mental health and inequality.

"I used to correct teachers or adults in school to use more gender inclusive terms because I felt like it was always 'he' or 'him.' I used to volunteer with special Olympics so I'm passionate about all people being respected and treated equally."

Her combination of those two didn't just get the attention of her 35,000 followers on Instagram, but also the Craft Beer Marketing Awards who highlight inspirational people and projects in their industry. They named her 2020's Woman of the Year.

"We saw her amazing work in the industry in diversity, equality and inclusion and I wasn't a surprised why her peers voted for her in the award," said the co-founder of CBMA.

"I think everyone has something important to offer whether in beer, or any part of the world and everyone being so unique makes the world great for better ideas."