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Blind dog adopted from San Diego shelter now thriving in new home

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Posted at 6:23 PM, Feb 09, 2021

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — A blind dog adopted from the Helen Woodward Animal Center in January is adjusting to life with his new family in Redondo Beach and going by a new name.

The world was introduced to him as "Louie," but that was just a name the shelter gave him. So Steve Walker, his wife, and daughter decided on something more personal, naming their new pup after a favorite TV show character, "Murphy."

Murphy stole hearts everywhere when he was put up for adoption. He'd lost his eyes after his previous owners failed to properly treat an infection, then surrendered him.

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The family stood out from hundreds of other applicants because Walker is blind himself. They say Murphy is now spending time with his new siblings, Dragon the bulldog and Honey the bunny.

"His appetite is real strong, tail is wagging when we come into the room and he's been enjoying the walks, you can see his excitement go up everyday we go on a walk together," Walker said.

Walker is a Marine veteran who gradually began losing his sight to a degenerative condition when he was 18 years old. But that hasn't stopped him from leading an extremely active lifestyle, and he hopes Murphy will learn to do the same.