Fundraiser for Braille Institute of San Diego

Posted at 10:46 AM, Apr 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-30 13:46:18-04

ALLIED GARDENS, C.A. — Dozens of classic cars were on display at the Pal Joey’s parking lot for the 2nd Annual Eye Candy Car and Bike Show Sunday.

The fundraising event helped raise money for the Braille Institute of San Diego. 

“I’m losing my central vision, I use my peripheral vision a lot,” said Maribel Pallares.

She said she suffers from Stargardt Disease, which causes damage or degeneration of the retina. 

Pallares said it caused her to go into depression because she lost her independence.  

“You couldn’t drive anymore, and you can’t get up and go to the store, you have to think, who is going to take you,” said Pallares. 

She said her life turned around after getting help from the Braille Institute of San Diego. She said the non-profit organization taught her how to manage her disease.

“I wouldn’t be here if it weren't for them,” she said.

Organizers of the event are hoping to raise $10-thousand that’ll go towards their programs. 

Pallares now volunteers for the organization. She said she sees it as a way of giving back.