Fumigation leads to agonizing burglary in Del Mar

Posted at 12:01 AM, Jul 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-01 11:12:11-04

DEL MAR, Calif. -- A Del Mar woman is trying to put her life back together after her home was burglarized last month. 

CC Hodder says the duplex she shares with her two roommates was burglarized while it was being fumigated. According to the San Diego County Sheriff's Department, the suspect broke in sometime between June 13 and June 16 in the 1900 block of Coast Boulevard.

The suspect stole $20,000 worth of electronics, jewelry, purses and credit cards. Three people who live in the duplex were victimized. 

"What did I do wrong?" she said. "What could I have done differently to prevent this from happening because I feel like it's my fault." 

Crime Stoppers released video of the man they think broke in. They say the video shows him going on a shopping spree with their stolen credit cards. 

Hodder says that's the worst part: Her entire identity has been compromised by a thief. 

"They stole my passport, my birth certificate, and my social security card," she said through tears. 

The thief also stole designer purses, jewelry and family heirlooms worth more than $20,000. 

Deputies say the suspect used their credit cards at Target, Walmart, and Macy's in Chula Vista. The video shows him driving away in a 2000 gold Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

"You just never think something like this is going to happen to you and when it does you just feel totally violated," Hodder said. "And I just want them to catch these people so that other people don't have to go through something like this."