Silver Strand commute 'extremely frustrating,' residents say

Posted at 8:34 AM, Oct 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-25 11:59:17-04
CORONADO, Calif. -- A Coronado man convinced the Silver Strand is the worst morning commute in the United States is demanding the city of Coronado and Caltrans do something to fix the traffic.
“It’s extremely frustrating,” Daron Case told 10News Monday. “All the folks going to work, mothers taking their kids to school, they’re not happy about it.”
Case said the five-mile stretch from the Coronado Cays north into Coronado, along State Route 75, takes about 45 minutes to navigate on most days.
“The 101 (in Los Angeles) is often touted as the worst commute in the nation,” he said. “That five-mile stretch took about 30, 40 minutes. This five-mile stretch along the Silver Strand takes about 45 minutes.  It’s even worse.”
Case organized a petition to take his complaints to Coronado and Caltrans, which maintains the state highway.
“They’ve agreed to look into installing what are called ‘adaptive signals’ at the NAB light,” he said.  
NAB, the Naval Amphibious Base, has two consecutive stoplights that are out of sync and disrupt the flow of traffic daily.
The city and Caltrans have already responded with a short-term solution: to have a professional traffic control company operate the lights manually to increase the flow of traffic until the more expensive long-term fixes can be implemented.
“You get a live person directing traffic, it will immediately alleviate the traffic problem,” Case said.
A long-term solution that would update the traffic lights would cost more money and take longer to implement.