Frustrated resident catches suspected porch thief in the act, confronts him

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - Surveillance cameras captured another suspected package thief on Thursday, but the video had a twist.

The man who was shown stuffing a bag full of packages was confronted by a nearby resident. 

“When I went back and saw the video, I was like this guy was very brazen,” said Penny Robbins, who lives in the home.

She was picking up her daughter when she got a call from a neighbor alerting her to the theft. Despite the good Samaritan’s intervention, the suspect got away.

“This is what its coming to right now. Even a confrontation in the middle of the day does not deter them,” said Robbins.

She said she appreciated the actions of the witness, but admits, that is a dangerous way to deal with the problem.

“Probably taking stuff into our own hands, vigilante stuff, is not going to work and we don’t want anybody hurt.”

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