Frustrated passengers force their way off plane

Posted at 6:41 AM, Apr 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-22 11:41:18-04
SAN DIEGO – A medical emergency turned into a passenger mutiny when a pilot attempted to turn a Guadalajara-bound flight back around following an emergency landing Thursday night. 
The Volaris flight was headed from Tijuana, Mexico, to Guadalajara when a man aboard suffered a heart attack, forcing the plane to land in Hermosillo. 
Raul Flores, Jr. of San Diego and his wife were aboard the flight, headed to Guadalajara to celebrate his 50th birthday. He told 10News via FaceTime that after the emergency landing the pilot announced the plane was going to have to return to Tijuana. 
According to Flores, frustrated passengers got angry and confronted the crew, even while the pilot said the doors were closing and the plane was taking off. 
“Everybody jumped up, some saying, 'no, we're gonna be returned to Tijuana. They're gonna try and book us on flights tomorrow morning and get us to Guadalajara.’ And everyone's saying, 'No, it's Friday, the flights are booked.’ People wanted guarantees basically."
Eventually, the pilot relented and allowed passengers to disembark in Hermosillo. The passengers hope to take off on the first flights out of Guadalajara Friday morning.