Front row seat to the border battle

Local man builds wall to keep people out
Posted at 11:29 PM, Jan 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-26 02:29:28-05

An east county rancher says he's always on the lookout at home - watching as undocumented immigrants cut across his property to sneak into the country.

You may not find a bigger supporter for president trump's border wall than Bob Maupin - a rancher who protects his land with a rifle and bullet proof vest from people trying to cross illegally.

"Over the last 30 years we've spent 20-grand," Maupin said.

$20,000 building and maintaining his own fence on the border near boulevard to keep illegal immigrants off his land. For Maupin, the president's border wall can't get here fast enough.

"That is correct. I would love for him to start right here," Maupin said. "I doubt seriously I will have any problems after that."

But the United States Border Patrol says the illegal immigrants are using the terrain to their advantage. That means - simply building a massive wall may not be good enough. Especially in the Otay mountains. A dangerous but very popular spot for illegal crossings.

"The border fence here in the Otay mountains is 18 to 20 feet high," said Task Force Commander Matthew Dreyer. "And while it may seem hard to believe immigrants will hike in with ladders, hop up and over the fence, and continue on into the united states."

The area is so rugged, border patrol agents are often flown in by helicopter to track illegal immigrants. Dreyer says people willing to do anything to get into the United States.
In fact, he said the task force has made more than 100 arrests sinc last October and more than 40 felony prosecutions.